Halo Reach 4 years on.

Hello some of you may know me I’ve a dedicated reach players since the beta.
I have to say what an experience I’ve had over the years, so many highs :wink: and lows.

Over the years I’ve met 1000’s of amazing people and some very mean people haha.
But one thing never change the amazing games and teams.
But the word on the vine is that reach is dying this is true like every game it reachs it peak and what goes up must always come down.
Thing is on weekends and midweeks reach has more players online than most standard FPS games on the market.
For a 4 year old game that’s pretty good going.
Still making it a solid halo experience but like I said before reach will fall but not for many years to come

But this doesn’t mean it’s over you can still play endless hours of fun on reach it’s only over why 343 flip the switch.
So keep playing and keep supporting noble team

Finally share your experiences of halo reach over this brilliant 4 years.

You’re on your own Noble, Carter out!

Feel free to add my gamertag HT GDM