Halo reach 2

Some of u might think this sounds stupid
And I think so too, I just want to hear it thoughts
On the idea

Okay I was going to say – if you saw the ending of the campaign…
Yeah, I don’t think that Halo is going to go back into Reach’s direction. There can’t be any real type of sequel story-wise, and recent Halos have taken what they have from Reach and put it into themselves.

Maybe if they go more into detail on the stories of Johnson, Keyes, Master Chief John-117 and his Spartan II allies that are relevant to the franchise.

You could make it a s a Minecraft or Sims type game and re build Reach piece by piece.

I would like to know what happened to the old Noble 6

I heard Noble 6 was working on rebuild Reach piece by piece. Halo Reach 2 confirmed.

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> I would like to know what happened to the old Noble 6

Umm he/she died. Killing as many covenant soldiers as he/she could before going.

I wouldn’t mind having a Reach II, although I don’t really see how that would be possible with five out of the six members of Noble Team dead…
I guess the only way to have a storyline for Reach II would be to follow a different Spartan Team, ODST Squad or make a game from the events of The Fall of Reach, but I don’t see any of those comparing to the story Reach had.

Reach is done it gets glassed also if you read the books there is no way they can even make reach 2 they can in the future make a remastered version though

Maybe there could be a prequel to the prequel. Since it is said that Noble Six did solo missions before he joined Noble on Reach, the second one could be a game based upon those missions. It makes me grin. Maybe it could be just a Campaign. No multiplayer. The final mission could be about how Noble six escorted Edward Buck across New Alexandria. OR… the whole game could be another Odst game about Edward Buck during Reach.

Well this is a very open concept. Although you cannot build anything off of Reach. Simply because all of Noble died and the planet was glassed. End of story.