Halo Prologue

Before the Xbox 720 and the release of Halo 5 wouldn’t it be great if 343i decided to release another Halo game? Much like ODST and reach, 343i should consider making a game that depicts what happen when chief was sleeping in his Cyrochamber. The rise of the new Spartans, what happen to the covenant treaties, should be something 343 answers. I wouldn’t mind playing as a new Hero in fact. A Spartan that you make kinda like Crimson in Spartan Op’s but where you could customize his or her armor and it would be properly incorporated in the cutscenes. Customizeable voice so that you can choose what your spartan sounds like in the story. Or they can consider doing it like in reach where you can play in a team of Spartans. 343i could even consider of renewing the idea where we can play as ODST soldiers. Make it so we can run a squad and online gameplay would include 5 of our friends being able to complete the story line. A revolutionary firefight mode, or even a multiplayer mode…Maybe even both in the same game. Who thinks that this would be a nice idea? Besides the income for such a game would bring nice revenue for Halo 5.

PS Sorry for writing so crappy. I’ve never been good at it :confused:

That was basically Reach and people hated it. The side stories and prequels have killed Halo and given it’s community a bad name (the other gaming communities think Halo as a whole sucks simply because Reach was bad). If they are going to do another game before Halo 5, they absolutely must do it flawlessly.

I would like Halo 2 Anniversary at some point and possibly ODST 2, but with great improvements. I don’t want a game focused on the spartan 4s, because in Halo 4 they are all cocky and more ODST-like than true spartans (if you read the books, you’d know what I mean).

A game focusing on the Arbiter would be a good way to bring back some of the Bungie fanboys who hate what 343 has done. Or a game about the Forerunner-Flood war would be awesome.