"Halo" - Possible Locations/Settings

Hey peeps, me and Halo4Follower are currently going through some theories on this new teaser thingy…


  1. Installation 01

Installation 01 is made of a mostly endless desert, and of course John is… well in a desert. It makes sense it should be here, given the current name: Halo… It’s the first Halo ring.

  1. Reach

Now before butthurt-alert, i’d just like to draw your attention to the landscape from the trailer and an image from Halo: Reach’s firefight map Unearthed.

  1. Tattooine

Master Chief enters a cross-rift thing and becomes a Tuskan raider.

PEOPLE, you didn’t see the red planet on the left side of the screen when it shows the desert in front of him!!!

I’m going with Ruins of the Ark (Installation 00) as the location in the trailer.

The desert land scape looks identical to the Ark level from Halo 3. The planet in the background looks just like the foundry in the center of the Ark (same color and with what appears to be removed sections). Also, 343 first released the epilogue of Silentium, then went back and added an addition 5 minutes that dealt with Mendicant Bias’s burial in the sand on Installation 00 (and what do we see in the trailer? A large machine rising out of the sand). The fact that they edited in additional content to the epilogue tells me they were developing the story to Halo 5 around the same time and wanted to set up elements of the plot for Halo 5. I could be wrong, but there are way too many signs that point to the Ark in this trailer.

Given the Star Wars/Jedi imagery, looks like the game could almost be called Star Wars Ops, Episode 5: Raiders of the Lost Ark. I’m sure Lucas would love that.