Halo Playlists!?

Hey guys,

I am just wondering what happen to the Anniversary Playlist’s, I can’t even try to get the achievements as all they have is Classic! :frowning: Will they be bring them back, I see in the list posted by the moderator, that they list FFA and BTB but they are not there, update or add them back?

Some people would like to play, Sorry I looked but did not see a post on this, and wasn’t sure if it would go here or the Anniversary Section.


They don’t have a playlist specifically for DLC, it just depends if the people you are playing have it or not. Just do not try cheating or anything to get these achievements, many have tried, and been banned, and deserve it too.

That list hasn’t been updated to show the August Update, and I posted it in another thread that was on this subject. Oops!

Unfortunately, Anniversary FFA and Anniversary BTB are now gone in an effort to consolidate. Sorry!

Sorry but thats because most of the threads like this are being locked by the moderaters.

Before that happens Ill answer your question.

The playlist were removed to help consolidate things in Reach after Halo 4s release and to help populate the playlist left post release so that youll be able to find a match with in a timely manner.

Anyways, feel free to discuss the August Update here! :slight_smile: