Halo player since the beginning... tempted to give up

This game feels nothing like halo. Where is the DMR? Where is my slayer Playlist? Where is my SWAT Playlist? Why does 343 think everyone likes objective games? Being forced to play random game types for the ranked Playlist makes no sense. I refuse to pay for a single battle pass… free to play is a sham and only makes 343 show how greedy they are. 343 has single handedly ruined halo for me. Every game they have handled has had terrible kick off issues which turns players away. It makes me not want to give them any money.


To me this game has felt the most Halo since H2/H3, obviously because of BR starts (and I love it).

As far as slayer/swat playlists, I’m with you on that, but I have a feeling we will see more options come December 8, so hang in there.