Halo Player Looking for a clan

Hello all,

I am looking for an active and good Halo only gaming community.

I am a strong believer in maintaining good team chemistry, using communication, flexible roles and tactics to win games and of course…just having fun.

Clans im interested in are Team swat , Team Slayer , Arena Etc. I am ainly a swat player so yeah

I started playing halo since halo 2 ive been playing for about 5years in the series overall on the normal xbox and recently the 360

Thanks for taking your time and reading


Hey there HDFXz, I am from the clan, Be the Bullet, and we are a Halo only community, we maintain good team chemistry, use communication and play to win yet have fun at the same time. We need more people until we can start doing clan matches for the competitive gamers, but we do have a SWAT task force in the near future.

For more information, go to http://bethebullet.net/home and look over the website and see if we are a good fit for you. If you decide to join, simply sign up for the website, once your account is verified, fill out your application under “Join Us” and a member will approve it ASAP, so stay active on the website. We hope to see you on the Battlefield!

Don’t forget, BtB Blood Rage sent you!

I. Basics:
Initial Information- Hello I am Specialist Malefic of Delta Company, Lima Platoon in the Dropshock Brigade. Here at the Dropshock Brigade we strive for professionalism. We have one of the most organized, well structured, and best lead clans in all of Halo.

History- The Dropshock Brigade got its start back on Halo 3. We have followed the games throughout the years and wish to begin recruiting for the next edition: Halo 4. We have always done our best to upkeep our values of good sportsmanship, and a strong bond between platoons. What started three years ago, has now grown into an emense army of over 100 strong. Our Roster consists of 4 North American Platoons, 3 European Platoons, and 2 Australian Platoons. Despite the timezone differences, we always find a way to play together. Our forces could always use another HellJumper. Register today, and try your hand at Enlistment. Here at DSB, we go,
“Feet First Into Hell”.

II. Registration and Enlistment:
Enlistment Form: To join the brigade, you must first register on our website and fill out the Enlistment Form. Make sure that you fill out every form in great detail. The enlistment process is a simple screening to determine who is truly committed to be a part of the Brigade. The best way to prove your worth is to be active, both on the forums and Halo: Reach.

Sponsorship- The first step to joining is meeting people. By meeting people and learning more about the Brigade, you can get Sponsored. Sponsorship may only be attained after three days. It simply means a Brigade member has decided to place their faith in you. Your sponsor will be there to help you every step of the way. They will play with you, introduce you to other members, and generally show you the ropes.

Boot camp/Entrance Exam- After another four days -seven days total- you are allowed to take your boot camp. Boot camp is simply a determination of your teamwork skills, and how well you can callout. Your sponsors responsibility is to teach you callouts so that you may successfully pass boot camp. The final part of the enlistment process is the Entrance Exam. The exam is a simple test of your knowledge of the Field Manual.

III. What We Have To Offer:
Gaming- Unlike a lot of clans, we play together very often. We play Matchmaking a lot, the playlist varying on how many members are on. If we begin to get 7-8 or more in a lobby, then we switch over to custom games and have fun. We have game nights usually on weekends at around 8pm (EST time) and play fun customs.

Ribbons- In the Brigade, a ribbon signifies a soldier who has achieved a certain requirement and has been rewarded a ribbon for it. These ribbons are shown on your site profile. You may see yours and other ODST’s ribbons on the side of each post. To receive these awards is a very great honor.

Entertainment- We regularly schedule clan matches to gain recognition among other clans, and mixers to form strong relationships between clans. We also have a nice Chatroom where you talk and meet new members. Make sure you keep the chat respectful. Also, we now feature OGame, or as we call it, Dusk Online.

Organization- We are a well organized clan with a Roster. Personnel are organized into divisions based upon where they live, and what time zone they are in. We have a wide variety of forums to discuss different things with other members.

Promotions- Promotions in the Dropshock Brigade are given for either a show of activity, loyalty, dedication, work ethic, and leadership skills. Do NOT ask for a promotion. Doing so will most likely result in a demotion or loss of merit. The detailed Ranking Structure explains everything about each rank.

If you decide to enlist, please remember to list Malefic as your recruiter. If you have any questions check out our FAQ section.
Otherwise contact me on XBL, Gamertag is DSB Malefic.
See you on the battlefield soldier.

Check out the Midland Base video tour:

Link to join us is displayed in the video.


Hello, and welcome to The Forerunner Guard. We are a newer clan, with about 18 active members. At The Forerunner Guard we have a very unique and original ranking system. Our ranks are color oriented forerunner ranks, along with pre titles that specify accolades you have gotten. We are mature, and like to have fun, as well as play competitively. We are going to be setting up a forging division, and a machinima group. Besides having a forge division, we have squads, and we are currently scheduling clan battles.

> How to Enlist

Step 1. Got to our website, http://forerunnerguard.team-talk.net/forum.
Step 2. Register and create a new account.
Step 3. Go to our Forums page.
Step 4. Scroll down and click on Info and Getting Started.
Step 5. Read each stickied topic in that forum.
Step 6. Click on How to Enlist.
Step 7. Copy and paste the questions and make a new topic in the Enlistments and Registrations forum.
Step 8. Check up on your enlistment, because someone will be approving or denying your enlistment.

> Requirements

-Be at least 14 years of age or older(If you are 14, you must be very mature. If you are not mature and 14, you will not be accepted into the clan.)
-Own a properly functioning headset/mic
-You MUST be mature
-Keep a respectable amount of activity within the Forerunner Guard both on xbox live and the forums.

> A Little Bonus

Once we get some more members, we will start having some fun events. These will include forge tournaments, as well as slayer tournaments and such. We are also working on getting prizes, which will take a little longer to do.

> Once you are in the clan

You must change your emblem to Drone with no background- Non Toggled
All colors and armor combinations are completely up to you.

im having problems loggin on the site

check us out

458 Spartans

Feel free to message YouxxGotxxOwned or myself (SqueeksOrka) if you have any questions we will be happy to help.We’re still looking for clan battles and we also have new events.

https://forums.halo.xbox.com/yaf_postsm1229919_Recruiting-for-Skandians-Clan.aspx#post1229919n go to this link and read about us!