Halo Plasma Grenade Yield

Can anyone calculation the yield of a Plasma Grenade based on the books and comics?

That’s a good question! I like.
3.96m kill radius
12.9m damage radius

9.3oz of latent plasma.

Based on it’s blast radius and the kind of damage it does, I’d guess at least a few mega-joules of thermal energy.

Turns out explosive yields are incredibly difficult to calculate unless you know something as precise as the energy density of the explosive. With the information concerning plasma grenades there is no way to calculate the yield per se. The best I managed to do was to find some data on conventional explosives and hand grenades and come with a lower bound estimation for the energy in the megajoule range.

I say lower bound because the plasma grenade isn’t a conventional grenade. I’ve always been under the impression that it relies more on thermal radiation than a shock wave, which would mean the energy released could be an order of magnitude or two higher than that of a conventional grenade.