halo physical edition

So, someone know if there will be another halo physical edition (other different to Steelbook edition) like a legendary one?

We have no idea.

It’s getting very close to launch, so it’s looking less likely by the day. I think if they do announce it, it surely must be soon.

Launch is practically two months away and we have little to no marketing, no updated campaign footage, we have the flights which are great but where is the hype train for campaign?

Doesn’t look like it.

They dropped pre orders for the game a while back, doesn’t really make any logical sense to hold back a “legendary edition” if there’s demand (or the appearance of) for it.
They’d essentially be doing over people who caved and just bought a copy already now instead of waiting for a newer edition that hasn’t even been mentioned.

If they were going to be doing a Legendary Edition I still believe this would have released at the same time as every other edition of the game did.