Halo PC Disk won't install

So I recently just bought the Halo for PC disk and it wont load.
When the disc is inserted you can hear it spinning but it never loads. In Computer DVD RW Drive (E:) HALO, 0 bytes free of 628 MB, CDFS, pops up, but with no icon or that non-specific one of just a window. When I click it, I just get an hourglass and nothing happens. There is no error message,. DVDs load just fine, but I don’t have any other games on disc lying around, CD-ROM or DVD-ROM, to test with so I can’t tell if the disc itself is the problem but there is no reason it should be. The disk appears to be in real good condition though.
Any help would be much appreciated. Thank you

Try cleaning off the disk, and then try putting it in your PC again.

If that doesn’t work, try contacting the seller you got the game from.