Halo PC disconnects/Poor Networking=Poor Gameplay

I get disconnected from at least 3 matches per day when playing infinite since the winter update. Lose entire tiers of ranked and get banned repeatedly for this. Highly variable latency issues. Unstable networking and gameplay experience.
Please fix this asap , anyone else having these issues?
To note I play on a higher tier pc, and have quality internet through a reputable company so this is clearly a 343/halo infinite networking department issue.
Never had this problem during the halo 3 bungee days.

They have been doing work on the servers:


Had another 2 disconnects tonight, won all my other games but still didn’t rank up due to PC halo server disconnects. Terrible halo gaming experience at this point in time. They really need to fix this issue asap it’s denial of service as far as I’m concerned as I pay for an Xbox live gold membership