Halo paramount characters

Why in the world is captain keys black? That’s like making Sargent Johnson a white dude. Why?


When making a list of Captain Keyes important and prominent character traits, race probably didn’t come up. Because it’s not relevant to his character.

Johnson however, is a 1:1 ‘based on Gunnery Sergeant Al Apone from Aliens, with whom Johnson shares many character and physical traits, as well as some dialogue.’


Don’t even -Yoink-ing start with this.


The wonderless world of politics infecting Halo ever since number company took over.

Its like that Halo Infinite trailer with the French woman and the other woman with the robe, neither had anything to do with Halo but they were thrown in with the Halo brand because…

But the sudden change to Keyes’ physique is the least of the show’s problems lol


I heard the showrunners never even touched the games. They probably didn’t know.


At least move this to the “general” forum so we don’t feel the need to interact with it?


Making the Keyes family black isn’t actually a big deal. Happened with Nick Fury too.
Comparing it to Sgt. Johnson is different. Johnson has a very “stereotypical” “black” drill sergeant attitude, plus it wouldn’t fit his character to make him a white boy from New Vegas, NV. We never really saw a ton of Keyes though, so they can make both of the characters make sense under a different race.
Hopefully this isn’t too political…

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I’d respectfully disagree. Changing Jacob and Miranda Keyes characters’ ethnicity wasn’t necessary at all. In my opinion what a character looks like goes along with the character. Otherwise people that are introduced to Halo by the show is going to be very confused when they see that the Keyes look different than in the show. They could’ve made new characters for the actress and actor. Such as Captain Abraham Holmes and Dr. Melissa Holmes as examples.


All in all, there only needs to be one rule for adaptations: Be faithful to the source material.

If you fail that, you don’t deserve to produce jackall.


idk why does Cortana look like my aging pharmacist?


Absolutely, unequivocally incorrect. Creative license is always paramount. (Tee hee.) Especially when adapting between mediums and demographic audiences.

Yup. I know why they did it because politics and being inclusive and that’s all just garbage as far as I’m concerned. There was no need to. And so much of the show is wrong, I’m not even watching it anyways.

It’s just that the keys thing really rubbed me the wrong way, I mean he was literally the first character ever and they can’t even get him right. Sad. This is why shows and movies and everything really nowadays is so watered down. For the sake of pleasing everyone. It can’t be done.


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