Halo Origins: Records of the Organon...

Seeking knowledge about the Flood, leads to questions about the universe itself… What are the Precursors? Where did they originate? Which came before reality, or them?

I know the Flood are known as the physical descendants of the Precursor, but perhaps the Precursor are in-fact something else entirely… they don’t exist on any one plane of reality… but can manifest themselves to perceive a certain presence… unto their creations.

We know that Precursors have the capability to evolve, and de-evolve, chosen custodian species. These species are to be tested, for the right to carry the Guardianship Of The Galaxy… the Mantle Of Responsibilty (Forerunner’s term). Yet how did they evolve, or de-evolve, at their whim?

Undying Collective Consciousness
We know that the Precursor have a collective consciousness, that is ever alive even in their apparent death (life is not present). The fundamental knowledge seems never lost, but is passed unto the next embodiment, of their form… they share a collective of experiences. So how can this possibly be?

We know that the Precursor have achieved the highest quality of technology, tier-0, which surpasses even the Forerunner Ecumene mastery of the FTL Travel, Solidified Light Particles, Project Photons, Gravitational Manipulation. This Nueral Physics is a concept which bases itself of the mastery of the fabric of space and time… indestructible and timeless objects which are present in reality, and yet physically is not, and exist in multiple dimensions of reality at once… The Organon (Domain Forerunner term), Orbital Arches and Star Roads are such examples. So what does it take to control the very fabric of existence?

Living Time, Life Creation and Space
We know that the ideological religion and agriculturist lifestyle of the Forerunner, known as the Mantle Of Responsibility, originated from Precursor beliefs… These beliefs were of the relationship that Living Time, Life and the Endless Abyss, known as Space, were connected. With the creation and management of Life, Space and Living Time would gain fulfillment and serenity…

Prophetical Predictions
We know that the Forerunners known as Didact, both Shadow-Of-Sundered-Star, the Ur-Didact, and Bornstellar-Makes-Eternal-Lasting, the Iso-Didact; conversed with a captive Precursor, the Primordial. The Primordial was apparently the sole proprietor, when manipulating the Precursor dust, which would in-inevitably transmogrify into the Flood. He had been the last known Precursor, and the first embodiment of the Flood Gravemind, to which would detail a series of futuristic events and ‘testing’ of the species known as Humanity… to which would be the precedence, of whether Humanity would attain their rightful heritage, or be like the cousin-species the Forerunner… and failed. The Primordial Gravemind had announced that they hadn’t decided whether Humanity was to be successful or not… Yet how can one foresee, and foretell, the future, 100 000 years ahead of their time?

All of these above examples about the Fount is answer by one small explanation… time. Time is the constant variable throughout all concepts of existence… considering the Precursor themselves are Living Time, they are not burdened by its struggles… to them time is as short as a trillionth of a millisecond, and as much as four trillion millennium… all at the same moment they feel the presence of time… yet are not burdened by it. This would mean they gain fulfillment from the creations that surface… and hunger to create more… this would also explain the important role and necessity that time plays in life… evolution. They control… none control them.

And so this could explain their mastery of the consciousness and memories… even in death, it continues… The Precursor being Living Time, could be best recognized as the 'Brain Of The Inbetween Spaces".

Using this analogy:
“The Human brain possesses an unseen consciousness, which is a connection of mind and reality. The nueral linkages in the brain, form the series of condense filaments, which create this consciousness… The cerebral Cortex is the memory bank of the collections of experiences.”

The entire dimensional regions, of space and reality, is constantly filled with time… And so the unseen Precursor star roads would be the nueral filaments, which make up the Fount’s timeless and insurmountable consciousness… This would thus explain the Organon (Domain) being the cerebral cortex of Reality, and the Collective memory bank.

Also considering Living Time is constant throughout, all regions of spaces… it seems that the Fount, can be constantly everywhere, at once… this would explain how their Star Roads can utilize FTL (Faster Than Light) travel… but in this case it is FTT (Faster Than Thought) Travel… this functional traveling method could even immobilize, the god-like species, known as the Forerunner… which used FTL Technology… which is burdened by time. The Precursor thus perceived the Forerunner technology as that of a infant child’s… primitive, crude and mundane… why bend space and time… when you are Living Time… to which they can control the outcome.

Star Roads are described as unseen, galactic entities that are circular in shape… but perhaps they are more root based using small tentacles… in my opinion, this is how I picture the Precursor Star Road… or nueral networks… a faceless on-mass stream of Nebula Tentacles… which string together the planetary structures that make up the known galactic realities and dimensions…

So this is what I believe the Precursor true nature is… they are Living Time… and thus how can one beat time? Short answer, you cannot… you remove time, the galaxy is removed with it… and so Humanity even if they ‘win’ the ‘test’… the Precursor will continue to thrive… perhaps re-test species for worthiness of their survival… and when they rise up in defiance and arrogance, are diminished… using the Flood. So this would constitute that no matter what happens, in the galaxies, the Precursor will continue to create, and life will grow and thrive… thus seeding fulfillment.

Alternate Conclusion
I also had an alternate theory that the Precursor and Flood might possibly be defeated, through a mass-driver of Forerunner time stasis projection via a re-engineered Array of Halo Rings… to which would render time immobile, and thus the Flood would be unresponsive… to which a counter offensive can be remanded. The Precursor ultimately, had a hand in the series of events, which lead to their defeat…

Legendary Finality
Wanting to end their relentless curse… of a constant existence… they sought death as a blessing, to which they could never achieve… attempting to solve the problems themselves with their own technology… it failed… and thus turned to other species… the Precursor actually put seeds into the original Forerunner, to which would initiate the rise of the Precursor genocide, the Flood, Humanity and the test… which ultimately unified the galaxy and allow the Precursor to break the endless cycle…

Sorry about bumping Moderator… but I really what this theory acknowledged.

Very interesting read and honestly it makes sense and fills alot of the mystery behind the precursors and their motives behind everything.

But my one criticism is that making the Precursors magic time lords Doctor Who-esque seems abit out of line as far as Halo is concerned. It makes the story too predictable IMHO.

Either way i like this theory over all!

I like your theory, and I’m neither going to agree nor disagree.

Some of the things about the Forerunners technology was that it was so advanced that it was indistinguishable from magic. Now that the Forerunners are exposed more and Humanity can understand and surpass it that mystery has faded.
The Precursors possess a whole different level of such technology that is mystifying. I don’t want it to be explained, I simply want to enjoy the mystery and chase my tail around that philosophical maypole.

I like the idea that an or the Precursors are still alive in some state, and the events of the galaxy are all a part of their plan in evolution.