Halo only MP

Half Life, Unreal, Quake… they had a single player mode… and then: Counter strike, Unreal Tournament, Quake 3 arena and Quake live…only multiplayer.

The reviews of all world are not enthusiast for Halo 5 (85/100 on mediacritic). Why? because the campaign is not good like as the multiplayer.I read this on the reviews…

So, Why Halo, the only one xbox arena shooter, could be not like as unreal, and counter strike? two different games: Halo Universe for pve, and Halo Arena for pvp…

Cause Im not buying two seperate games. That concept of different games for better reviews never made since to me and honestly is a waste of effort on the developers part.

Because halo isn’t some 20 dollar MP only game. Its one of the few games left that still has great MP, great single player, and plenty of extras all for 60 bucks.

Halo Online is multiplayer only.

You want to pay for two seperate games? Or are you saying you would only buy the multiplayer game? I’m sure most people who play Halo are long time fans and want the whole package. I of course am jumping right into the campaign and I really don’t care much for what the reviews say.