Halo Online works great and needs to be AAA title

So I’ve been legitimately playing Halo Online in Russia and I must say that it is the most fun I’ve had with Halo in a while.

A few weeks ago I sold my xbox one because I simply wasn’t getting enough entertainment value from the MCC (the MCC being the only reason I bought an xbox one) and Halo 5 looks like a huge advertising campaign. I’ve been a PC gamer for years, so when I was recently invited to the closed beta of Halo Online I was interested to say the least, and honestly it’s the best thing I’ve played in a while.

The gameplay works great with PC, and the additional guns and other content from 343…cough cough modders…cough cough…seem more fluid than a lot of the MCC gameplay. To quote Catherine Halsey: this game is “Humanity’s next step as a species”, I would pay for £500 editions of this game if it had a campaign, dedicated servers, player progression, and a community hub with support agents. No seriously, you wouldn’t even need to make a new campaign, this game could run the Halo CE / 2 / 3 / ODST campaign fine, and the _developers …_cough cough modders cough cough…would fix half the bugs for you.

Right now I am playing this game whenever I need to chill out and enjoy myself in the evenings, something that other PC titles like League of Legends or Hearthstone actually do the opposite of as I become more stressed. Heck, I’m currently using Halo Online as a basis for one of my college assignments as I’m pitching a campaign for the game!

Please can Halo Online be turned into a worldwide AAA title with a much higher set of funding, Microsoft need to understand that people aren’t just torrenting / playing the Dewrito version of this game because they want it for free, it’s because they desperately want to play the game! Which for some random reason is only available in Russia. (I of course am not one of these individuals who play outside Russia)

I would like to hear your views on this, but please don’t just rush in and bring ignorant comments like “buy an xbox you cheap -Yoink-” etc. This game means a lot to me now, and I really want to see Microsoft giving it the support and funding it deserves / needs to become a proper title.

I haven’t had a chance to play it but the vids I’ve seen on YouTube look promising for sure. I’m curious what the plans are for it now. Why was it made? To extend the Halo franchise more into the PC space? To extend it to markets that aren’t buying Xbones?

I’m curious about it but not overly excited, it just looks like a fusion of Halo 3 and Halo 4. The modding community would probably have fun with it though, like Halo Custom Edition.

I desperately wish for a persistent multiplayer experience and Halo Online is a good example of the way things could go but I don’t think they’re going to separate single and multiplayer experiences with their core audiences (Xbox owners) any time soon.

Halo Online is for the people that can’t have halo in their country I think if I remember right. It has less violence and lower graphics and other things so that it could be approved in that region. I think this is how it was if I remember right

I agree with the OP but ive only had the chance to play the cracked version since I live in USA ugh.

Yeah I’d really love to see a halo online console port. It looks like the perfect balance of Reach and 3 IMO. Looks to be a lot of fun but unfortunately im not Russian so ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

I haven’t had the chance to play Halo Online but really want to get my hands on it. People say they’ll make money in Russia with it and that’s why they’re doing this… I’m thinking they might make some worldwide as well…just maybe.

I agree OP, Release it already.

Halo 5 > Halo Online

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> Halo 5 > Halo Online


That’s hilarious… The PC gaming community being catered to? Good one. But seriously, the PC community has been robbed far too long

Ive seen it it looks fun but is it??

I hope the games good

No idea why they can’t release that in the US on PC. Such a weird decision.

Wish they just put this on Xbox one…I mean you might make more off that then selling a copy of MCC and just another reason for gamers to buy a Xbox one

I’d buy it for PC and play the … out of it.