Halo online shutdown?

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Really, 343? Shutting down halo online because you guys could not make money off of it and halo online was a dead game made by you. The original game was shut down by your company. So trademark does not apply as you shut it down. Just because you and Microsoft cant make money off of it does not mean you must shut it down. Your company is pretty much worthless to the many veteran halo players out there including myself. 343 you have gone far enough and you are aware the halo community dislikes, no hates your work in the past 6 years. It is terrible and has deterred many players. Look at the stale state of MCC and Halo 5. Nobody is playing it anymore. The halo franchise is ruined by your work and lack of dedication to the customers and the loyal fans to this franchise. I, myself have resigned from halo due to your lack of commitment to the franchise. Your prequels will not entice me anymore, as your work is just shallow and lacking many key components that make halo… halo. Don’t cover the true light and unique identity that halo has left. Don’t be pretentious about sharing the possible prospects of having halo on PC or cooperating with the Eldewrito team. Because as a part of this community, i know you won’t do that. You will admittedly say one thing and do exactly the opposite. You have done enough as a game developer. Stop burying the true halo identity further and further and making cheap cop outs, by implementing aspects of other games into halo. If you want to make halo a great game again, please work harder for the fans, for the lovers of halo and obviously for the MLG players of halo. You lack these aspects that makes a developer so good such as Bungie (the past halo developers). They listened and nurtured halo from the roots and beyond. They knew how to make a game, despite it not having sprint and plain stupid armor abilities. Halo does not need those things. They were also more dedicated than you guys are and the Eldewrito team even knew this. They both spent their time, not fondling with the game mechanics of halo and altering everything. They stuck with what was successful and continued their success through listening to the community and commencing action with continuous and glorious content as the years went by. If you want to make halo sing, then you have to forget about the stupid armor abilities and mechanics, listen to the fans and most of all put the time and dedication towards the game. Don’t make another dead halo game and don’t make the same mistake the third time.