Halo on the PC

Is there a major problem for anybody with Halo on the PC? Since everyone wants their sacred Halo 3 ported, I see this as a great opportunity. Xbox Live is on Windows 8 and could be utilized, so players will still need an account to play our beloved franchise. It’s not demeaning the series (or Xbox Live) in any way. In fact, it would work towards expanding it–something 343 needs to work on.

If Halo 2: Anniversary is ever to be released, I don’t see a major problem in including a PC port with it. Afterwards, a Halo 3: Anniversary would follow and its respective port.

The problem I do have is regarding cross-platform play. It’s not something we need for a Halo title ever. Console users play with a controller and PC users play with a keyboard and mouse. The two do not mix.

But since a small portion of the community wants Halo PC games and Microsoft owns the service to deliver them, why not?