Halo on ps4.

ok so before some rage on me this is not me saying it will be on ps4 but some people are saying halo might come to ps4 so tell me what you think before i sound like an idiot.

Considering that Halo is a Microsoft exclusive title? Doubtful. For that to happen, Sony and Microsoft would have to get along and allow it to happen. Microsoft seems to be all fine with cross platform play between Xbox, PC, and PS, but Sony is like that one kid in the sandbox who tries to horde all the shovels, trucks, and buckets for themselves while Microsoft and Nintendo just kinda play on the rest of the playground without a care in the world.

I really hope it doesn’t Halo is kind of one of the big reason I own an Xbox. Not saying that if it comes to PS4 I will jump ship, but a lot of my friends will basically forcing me to as well. Plus I love it being an Xbox console exclusive that’s part of the reasons it’s so special.

Halo should only be on xbox for xbox player period.