Halo on playstation 4

343i should really think about make halo 4, halo 5, halo 6 on the playstation 4.the reason why is cause people really enjoyed halo ever since halo 4 came out, but some of those people like playstation.so if they can make halo on playstation then people can enjoy the halo universe more. if they can make halo spartan assualt for windows 8 then they can make halo on playstation 4. another reason is that ppeople wish they go anywhere and play halo on the go.so if they make halo for the ps4 then they can remote play it and take it where ever they want to go. if they do decide to make halo on playstation then they can have the sme story but the layout can be…x-jump.square-action.triangle-switch weapons.o-melee.left thumbstick-move/crouch/sprint.right thumbstick-look/zoom.d-pad-select grenades.L1-use armor ability.L2 throw grenades.R1-reload.R2-fire wepon.

the weapons and everything i don’t need to explain and stuff.
i hope 343i do this if they don’t i understand.


This will never happen, for the same reason why Gears of War won’t show up on the Wii-U. Or why Super Mario 3D World won’t show up on the PS Vita. Halo is a Microsoft-owned property.

Not that I wouldn’t consider it if it did show up for the PS4.


PS4 isn’t a Microsoft platform, thus halo will never come to it.

Microsoft is why Spartan Assault is only for Win8/Windows Phone instead of other mobile devices.



The Halo ip is owned by Microsoft therefore will “never” show up on a Nintendo or Sony platform.