Halo ODST Roleplay chat

I’ve created a Halo ODST Role-Play chat for fans of the game to join and be their character’s

Link to the chat: http://xat.com/HaloODSTRoleplay

Please state the following:
Age (Can be actual age or not) -

Gender -

Rank -

Primary Weapon-


Abilities -

Armor -

Appearance -

Personality -

Bio (Optional) -

Gamer tag (Optional) -

1.Try to stay in character
2.No God Mode (If said shot you die or are injured)
3.Keep it enjoyable for others

My name in the chat is Jaxter

Lol I really don’t know what to say about this
Never thought of role playing and halo together ;p

I’ve seen role playing and Halo together, but I’ve never been interested. Seems a bit cool, though.