Halo ODST Audio Log Glitch

I’ve collected all Audio Logs, and I even got the 30th one, “Audiophile”, which is for finding ALL audio logs, but somehow I have not unlocked the 29th audio log “Wisening Up” achievement? I rerun all the audio logs and I can confirm all of them are already unlocked. I am trying to grind the 100% achievements on MCC. This issues is on this account I made this thread with (Diixvn).

I couldnt submit ticket regarding this, the support website is broken or undergoing maintenance?

I FOUND A SOLUTION; as I first attempted the Audio Logs run on PC - Steam, so I had to run it all again on XBOX, as all the Audio Logs are somehow available again to collect again. So basically you’ll need to do it again on a different platform. Steam to Xbox. If you play MCC via Microsoft store on PC, then I think you might need Steam as both does not sync together? I think? But it worked for me!