I want a new halo ODST because i’d like to see a new history harder and add a survival in to the halo universe, because halo 3 odst is a great game and i want more. But it would be awesome new stuff like a survival based shotter game, when you need to find guns, ammo, people, than can help you to survive, because you’ll need a shelter, you need food, medicines, spacecraft, and you need to kill some covenant to survive and try to stop the enemy invasion, because you have an objective, survive and find the way to get out of the planet, and this planet is ARCARDIA THE HALO WARS PLANET, abandoned by the capitan coter, and this is going to be a very hard game, or i hope this, but i need your help to persuade to 343 industries to build this great game, plese add your ideas and we can try to make this reality.

You might be on to something

Odst games certainly do add a dose to realism within the universe I would love a series of odst games

This has been asked for several times. I believe it or something similar is in planning or at least being considered. Why?

Frankie mentioned that he’d like to see a Halo game where you play as a scientist or someone, doing xenoarchilogy (the study of alien architecture and history) in the Halo, I’d image it take place somewhere where an event in the universe goes drastically wrong. He said he’d like a Halo game without guns but puzzles and crap instead.

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“Halo no guns Frankie”


After reading Pejepollo’s post i thought how awesome would it be to have a halo odst like the new fallout 4 with base building, recruiting, exploring, a main storyline and even side quest. Both these games are great fun (even though I haven’t play fallout 4 yet) and put together there would be even more fun to be had. Now let’s go and pester bethesda and 343 industries to make it happen. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: