halo odst 2 story

a great story idea for halo 3 odst 2 would be returning with bucks squad along with vergil after the first odst game would be how the unsc and odst dealt with and felt and teaming up with the reamaning elites and jun from halo reach can be in it dealing with how the odst dealt with the Spartans in their uneasy alliance sense they did not get along with Spartans sense this was not explored in odst bungie has confirmed jun survived the events of the fall of reach. It is not knwn if auntie dot survived the fall of reach if she did she can be your Al companion in the game like cortana. it can also be in the game wear you uncover more of truths secrets til you find the portal to the ark til the begging of halo 3 or it can take place during halo 3. the game could have a great affect on the halo universe and explain alot of things and answer a lot of questions and a couple of guest appearances like halo reach.