Halo Noble Map Pack Opinions?

What do you guys think of the Map Pack? It looks cool!

> What do you guys think of the Map Pack? It looks cool!

Looks cool, yes. Plays cool, not so much.

My opinion is based off of playing 6v6 when it feels like 4v4 would be so much better.

I also don’t like that there is so much objective to vote on. Some matches didn’t have a slayer choice at all to vote for.

Breakpoint - Decent slayer, territories, hill type map. I would like to see it for Invasion, though.
Anchor 9 - Grenade spammers dream. I haven’t tried 1 flag CTF on this map. I am sure it would be pretty awesome. Better than Stockpile, at least.
Tempest - I’m very mixed about this map. Sometimes it is a great map; other times, I’m wandering around and not finding anybody.

Anchor 9 will be nice once people stop grenade spamming. Tempest is amazing. Breakpoint is best for BTB and Invasion, always a blast.

Overall I think this map pack is great, but I’m still hoping we’ll get the variety that Halo 3 has. Not just in maps, but in visual style. Valhalla, The Pit, Isolation, Guardian, Avalanche, etc, were all different maps, played different, looked different.

Currently we have a decent variety, but not enough. They’re put so much emphasis on Forge World that other maps get put on the back burner.

The problem with Forge World is that it’s a Rubik’s Cube, it’s the same thing, you just move the pieces around. Yes Forge World is awesome, but not enough variety.

I agree with you there about Forge World. To me, completely enclosed maps made in there are sterile and lack excitement. I mean, besides Perception and a couple other maps, they visuals are pretty boring.

I know Guardian was a map based on a level that didn’t make it into Halo 3; maybe they could do it again by having a map from a mission that didn’t make it or something. I loved Guardian. When it came to SWAT on that map, I typically would have a blast. Or I’d end up jumping off the side on accident like 5 times… I do that on the Cage map in Reach. a lot.

anchor 9 and breakpoint are fun
especially breakpoint (WE NEED MORE TRUE INVASION MAPS)

tempest sucks, no fun at all but i think that is because of the respawm points

nevertheless there should have been more maps in this pack, 800 for 3 maps is hardcore imo no matter what game…

I only had two days to play it… Tuesday, wednesday and then boom 360 X_X!

I really like this map pack.

Anchor 9 - Great map in general. Space combat is not “another Zealot” like people thought it would be. You cannot camp out there as effectively as you could on Zealot.

Breakpoint - My personal favorite in the Noble Map Pack. VERY fun for Invasion (even though it is rare). The map flows very good on all gametypes I have played so far.

Tempest - Again, a fun map. The only problem I have with this map comes on any slayer variant; dynamic spawns kill the gameplay. It’s not fun pushing the enemy team back to their base and have them spawn behind you. Just not enjoyable.

I think it’s safe to say “Halo Reach Noble DLC = FTW sauce” IMO.

I would say that they are the best Halo maps ever made except for Blood Gulch and its remakes which will always be #1.

Anchor 9 is rapidly becoming my favourite map - speedy, fun for SWAT with plenty of hop-down-death-from-above points…

Tempest is also tons of run, but I do agree that there are too many instances where the team spawn behind you which drives me insane, I have even spawned pretty much in someones sights more than once which leaves me pretty gutted.

Breakpoint: oh so pretty, and definitely looks good for invasion (still havent had the chance to play it, but it does look good) but doesnt suit my game play for BTB & objective games like CFT because I rarely use vehicles nor heavy weapons…

Also, I definitely agree with the above points about forgeworld - it is difficult to get real variety in the game feel because the blocks are similar and the overall theme remains the same: abandoned forerunner. I have a sort of project to see what I can do with just the natural objects but as I’m such a newbie to forge, I’m finding it a bit frustrating!


I think its a great addition to the experience and you get a match much quicker than the other game types, but I think the maps are a little on the small side.

  1. Breakpoint- Best

  2. Anchor 9- good (small but i still get enjoyment)

  3. Tempest- alright (The bigger side of the map has a little too much protective areas while the other just has a rock wall that you just have to walk around)