Halo Nightfall Unlockables not unlocking

I have bought the digital MCC, watched all episodes completely (including credits), but none of the unlockables got unlocked. I watched some of the episodes multiple times to make sure, but still no unlocks. Btw: using the german translation if this matters.

What should i do?

PS: 2nd stories are all unlocked

This might seem odd, but if you could try the following:
Set the Xbox One to language/region English - US and watch a video to see if a reward unlocks.

I am tracking this issue, but haven’t made much progress, but we did have a user suggest that after he set his kit to EN-US, and watched a video, that it succeeded. If I can validate this, it makes tracking down the errant unlock error much easier.

Thx for the fast reply and the useful hint.

I re-watched episode 1 and afterwards all 8 (!!!) unlockables were unlocked. So it seems that fixed it for me.