Halo: Nightfall Support Thread

Thank you for your detailed reports! We’ve detected an issue that prevents some users from viewing Halo: Nightfall on the Halo Channel and we’re currently investigating the matter.

If you are experiencing this issue, please stay tuned to this thread. We’ll continue to provide more information as it becomes available.

We apologize for the inconvenience.

6.28.2016 Update
We have been investigating everything here and have identified an issue with a specific pool of 5x5 redemption codes. If you continue to see “Buy Nightfall” and you purchased Nightfall via another method, please report your issue in the Halo Channel Support Forum. For those who did redeem a 5x5 code, we are actively pursuing a course of action to verify those redemptions.

Hello, I have a problem to acquire my reward after seeing episodes HALO NIGHTFALL, and I’ve already seen it three times , I request your help please , thanks.

I too am having the same problem. redeemed the code, ran the usual suspects troubleshooting list…including glaring at my access point for 10 straight minutes afterwards.

by that I mean even viewing the videos…the reward is entirely academic for me at this point until I can view said videos…

Someone knew something new?

Hopefully this gets fixed soon!

Same issue, plus my Blue flames is gone from my halo reach but i got my legendary back.

As is already stated, I can’t get nightfall to view on my mobile devices and the halo channel app on my x1 won’t even open.

that happened to me as well and I’ve no idea why. halo channel not working.

yeah…halo channel still down, still unable to watch nightfall period.

What about the people that can’t get into Halo Chanel at all and get the “The Halo Chanel is currently unavailable message” Have been trying again for a week.

Also why is there no contact us option? Would you go into a store with a faulty product and expect to be given phone numbers of other customers to deal with problem? I sorry but using forum as a replacement to customer service and product support is just an insult, you have a legal obligation to ensure product performs as promised and as paid for.

An industry that makes up own rules and ignores basic consumer law because they think because software isnt physical they not selling product. Well heres news its not intellectual property it is a component of a console/pc/device that makes it do things and not be paper weight the same as a electricity provider is responsible for its product even though electricity is not physical its still an essential component in most devices and machinery and is most definitely not intellectual property, Cant wait until a government finally gets fed up with software producers ignoring basic consumer law and nails you to a wall. Can you imagine buying a car and just getting a chassis then for next 12 months you get rest of parts in dribs and drabs as well as paying all the shipping costs for parts? How long before government shut them down? Yet that is what every software producer does. Look at costs these car companies absorb when they do identify an issue and call for product recalls and to fix issues, its not oh yeh theres a problem heres a forum to watch while we sit on hands for a year (from different forums her its not just recent issue and you have been -Yoink- your customers for a year now. And yes seling a product with known issue without informing consumers also highly illegal and even with this issue you selling MCC without telling us its not all working.

halo channel’s back up but nightfall still doesnt work.

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> halo channel’s back up but nightfall still doesnt work.


I was able to watch nightfall via iphone app but didn’t unlock the armor set. same thing with MCC achievements for the armor. any help would be appreciated!

Hello, I don’t know where to post my troubles so I’ll post them here. I bought Halo nightfall a while back for the armor set yet never got it to play. I’m still having this issue and every time u go into the Halo Channel to watch Halo: Nightfall it tells me to buy it. Well I click nightfall but the store tells me I have it installed. Is this a normal problem that can be fixed?

i am having trouble just waching nightfall on the halo chanal and it is kinda upseting to me

Halo nightfall doesn’t work for me any ideas?

343 I have called xbox support 4 times in the past two days and none of them have been able to figure it out what the hell is going on here I just want the Armor

> 2533274871680479;11:
> halo channel’s back up but nightfall still doesnt work.

Still not working still says buy nightfall

Cant watch nightfall with 25-digit code from HMCC