Halo Nightfall problems?

Trying to watch Halo Nightfall and, after watching episode one and unlocking the rewards, episode two will not play. It goes to the up next screen, the immediately cuts to “cannot play this at this time” or similar. It does not come up with “Buy Halo” which I see has been a problem in the past. I own MCC digital edition. Every other video plays fine, The Sprint, Fall of Reach, etc. I though this was a problem months ago, shouldn’t it be fixed by now? None of the solutions that have been posted here by mods have worked, and I’m all out of ideas. Any solutions?

Thanks for reporting this - I can confirm that we have something going on with our service. I will have our engineers look into it.

This should be restored now - if you are still experiencing an issue, try to replay the video and it should work.

Hello! Not sure if this is the right place to post asking about this, so please redirect me if I’m wrong, but here goes:

Though I entered the 25-digit unlock code for Halo Nightfall from a physical copy of MCC, after it being installed I am still being prompted to ‘Buy Halo Nightfall’. If this is clicked, the window opens to the store which shows Halo Nightfall as being ‘Installed’.

What I have tried so far:

  1. Uninstalling & Reinstalling Nightfall
  2. Uninstalling & Reinstalling Halo Channel
  3. Hard Reset & then (1. & 2.)
  4. Hard Reset, pulled power for 30 min, then (1. & 2.)
  5. Wifi reset & then (4.)

The issue persists. Can someone check to make sure that my copy of Nightfall is indeed unlocked on my account? If it is, how should I go about fixing Halo Channel so that I can watch Nightfall? Thank you.

The playback on my samsung galaxy core prime loads everything buy the Nightfall series and Fall of Reach fine. They don’t say “buy halo” , they say “video cannot be played at this time” please help 343