Halo: Nightfall on Halo Channel - Unable to Watch

Despite the fact that digital games and apps are tied to an account and can be used on any Xbox One with that account downloaded to it, Halo: Nightfall on Halo Channel seems to be the only exception. Despite having the account which “owns” it on my console, despite having Halo Channel installed, and despite having Halo: Nightfall installed, I seemingly have to spend $20.00 (CAD) for a digital file just to unlock some cosmetics in the games.

Am I missing something?

It’s not always the case that content can be used by all account on the Xbox. In the case of Nightfall, the content license is only valid for the account it was purchased and redeemed on. If you wanted to watch it, you would need to watch it on that account

Ya same when I try watching on my phone all it shows green screen then weird colors. Also no sound pls help me.