Halo Nightfall has been purchased, can't watch it.

So I have bought the Halo: MCC game (physical copy), and it came with some slips with codes to redeem. I’ve entered the one that lets you watch Halo Nightfall (manually, through Xbox One without Kinect), and then the system proceeded to download a 9-10MB file (which I’m assuming is a DRM license to let you watch it) as an add-on to the Halo Channel app. Seeing the add-on’s page in the Xbox store shows it as “installed”, so I’m assuming it’s been technically purchased and associated with my account now.

There’s been no way to watch it since then. Through Halo Channel’s menu (on Xbox One), it still shows the episodes as if I still haven’t bought it; it still says to “Buy Nightfall”. When I do select “Buy Nightfall” in the Halo Channel app, it takes me back to the add-on’s Xbox Store page and the button says its “Installed”. It’s just an endless loop from here.

I should mention that I’ve read the official forum post (made in 2014) by the staff regarding this issue. Here’s what I’ve done:

  • Ensured I’m the only one signed in. There are no guests signed in on the Xbox, and only my Gamertag is associated with the Xbox One. - Checked my TV’s specs to see if it supports HDCP through HDMI, and it does. - There is NO capture card. It’s just the Xbox One → Official Xbox HDMI cord → My TV. - I’ve quit the app via the Xbox Dashboard and relaunched multiple times. Still unable to watch. - I’ve completely uninstalled the Halo Channel app (along with the Nightfall add-on), and reinstalled everything. - Turned off the Xbox and turned back on.I’ve done basically everything I should do to troubleshoot, short of a complete factory reset of my system, which I refuse to do because I have a terabyte’s worth of games I’d rather not spend the entire day reinstalling/redownloading due to a faulty Xbox app mishandling a DRM license.

So, now what?

If you are reading this, please do me a favor and please don’t clutter the thread with useless “me too” posts. It makes searching for the solution more frustrating to read. I know, you know, and everyone else knows it’s been a recurring problem. I’m only looking for new information, new troubleshooting steps, and solutions to the problem at hand.

Yes, I am also very determined to get those armor pieces in Halo 5. But maybe I’m a little interested to know a bit more about Spartan Locke? He did, after all, pop up out of nowhere when I first played Halo 5… and my first reaction was “Who’s this guy? Where’s the Chief?”

Four days later, no one cares.

Well, there’s hundreds of threads about the same issue, so who am I to expect any different kind of treatment?

Thanks, 343 Industries. You guys are awesome.

343 problems and Nightfall ain’t one, apparently.


Sorry about the inconvenience and the delayed response. Thanks for providing a lot of details about what you’ve done and what you’ve tried. I’m looking into this and will be following up with a private message

Hey I’m having the same issue please help

Hi PapaSynths247,

I’m going to private message you to follow up.


Just a follow-up to readers, my problem got fixed thanks to Headymettle. It had to take some manual intervention on 343’s side to get it working with my account. I’m enjoying Nightfall now, and I appreciate their help.

For a wide-scale fix, all I can say is we can only hope for an app update at this point. Hopefully, by now, this problem is recognized as top priority when they do their bug-fixes, given the fact that there’s dozens of these same threads on nearly every forum.

So how do you fix this problem because I have the same problem? Please help this is frustrating.

Same Issue been throught lot of treads and no anserws

Thank you for your reports, everyone. We’re now tracking this issue in another thread: https://www.halowaypoint.com/en-us/forums/4b66b79375424f41add6422ddef89ffb/topics/halo-nightfall-support-thread/a38513c3-f539-4f36-9209-db935da22147/posts

that sucks

posted on the new thread. having the same exact issue.