Halo Nightfall Episode 4 Problems

When i start the 4th episode of nightfall there stands in the beginning there are 3 second stories. But when the Video continues i cant open the menu with the x-button. Also the second stories dont appear. And in the end i dont get any of the rewards for watching the 4th episode. Has anybody the same problem or can help me?

I have the same problem, I´ve watched the episode several times and the second stories/reward are not appearing.
It´s frustating, and the reward for see the 3 second stories is the helmet of the nightfall armor for Halo 5 :frowning:

The problem is in Windows 8.1 and Xbox One, country: Spain.

I am from Austria. So this is maybe an european Problem?

Yes me too … I can’t access to the habitual informations and the second stories when I’m watching the episode …
I’m french …
What do we have to do ?

Hi guys, I’m from France too, and yes, it’s an European problem.

I got it working by switching my console to English/USA, and watching the whole episode again. Now they’re unlocked.

Hope this helps.

Ah un grand merci Lone Wolf, ça a résolu le problème de mon coté :slight_smile: !
Quand tu veux pour faire une petite partie sinon :wink:
Je t’ajoute en ami !