Halo: Next Generation a Halo Gaming Community

Hello, I am the founder of a Halo Gaming Community, known as Halo: Next Generation. We are growing and want to spread as much as we can. We have our own website, at http://halonextgen.webs.com/, that is free to join(free everything actually). We hang out in our forums, we share tactics, strategies, and other halo information. We hang out online over XBL to play with each other in Halo games such as Halo: REACH and Halo 3. We are NOT a clan. We are a community. Big difference. Later on we will have a clan, but we will not be a clan. You can be part of the community while not being part of the clan. Which currently isn’t even set up, since I do not have the time to set up a clan.

But yeah, we are free to join, big on multiplayer for Halo, fun loving, Halo loving, laid-back, yet competitive, and filled with good gamers at Halo: Next Generation. So if you are interested please join us at http://halonextgen.webs.com/

Thank you very much.

Awesome community, I joined a couple of weeks ago.

Didnt I get an invite from you recently?

@ Sergeant Novak: Thank you for that comment! Yes, in my opinion as well, HNG is a great community. Got good games too!

@ Nova: It depends, I have been making my way around a bit. I have messaged some people form B.net if that is what you mean.

Personally, I think this community will be great. I mean we’re growing pretty fast. We’re decently active on the site. Have amzing Brawls(or custom nights/gamenights whatever… We call them brawls) And we got soem pretty cool graphics on the site. So please check it out.

Also, if you have any questions, feel free to ask. I’ll answer them at the best of my ability.