Halo News Group looking for new Fans

For a new world for reliable Halo news join the Halo Info Library alright let me give you a background of this group.
I created this group about a year to 2 years ago it was mostly due to response of Halo fan receiving the wrong information from other halo news groups I am NOT going to point out these groups but they were providing misled or inaccurate information to Halo fans and in the results they will come to the forums and ask silly questions about where they heard the stuff.
To see these fans being misled and not realize it… so in response I made Halo Info Library on Facebook since it was one of the easy places to make a page for me right now but the goal of the group is to provide the most reliable news and accurate news without misleading fans and also provide notifications as the news comes out and we help each other in the group understand the news and also provide the latest news for future Halo titles (like Halo Wars 2) or anything Halo I welcome anyone and everyone who wants to join.

Halo Info Library Facebook Group

Also if you are looking for a Spartan company to get that rare Achilles armor we have plenty of slots in our group also and we are looking for active halo players that can work towards this armor we also have no commendations completed at this moment so there’s lots of free XP involved of course if you help the group out thank you.


Come on its a great group.