halo new blood ???

many are you are not aware of this halo 3 odst’s sequel hinted in a comic or novel called halo new blood it was taken off the halo waypoint front page and the halo waypoint store/shop a couple of hours ago and i manged to catch it on time and its published by simon & schuster, the plot is after covenant wars gyst buck plans to retire but may be the unsc’s new blood, sorry i don’t remember the description that much and spread the word

is the link to the pre order page halo new blood preorder page

in the link it does not say halo new blood it just says something about a digital novel or something and i have a theory the post about halo new blood post was taken off because the post and it being in the waypoint store was put there by accident by 343 but i think i was the only one who knew this but i did tell my brother about it

be on the alert this post may be deleted soon

its mostly not part of halo escalation