Halo Nerf Gun Code

So I recently bought the Halo Nerf Gun that came with a cosmetic code for Halo Infinite. It seems to me that it can only be redeemed by XBOX users and since I am on PC, this code is basically useless to me. If I redeem it through the Microsoft store or whatever, would it appear on my account on PC? I only think this because Halo on PC is linked to a Microsoft account and it would make sense that it would appear on the PC game. I’m sure there are others out there at the moment that are asking the same question. If I’m stupid and didn’t read some fine print somewhere, just call it out. Any feedback would be appreciated :slight_smile:

As far as I know it’s a waypoint code not a MS store code.

Have you tried the waypoint code redemption page? I think it should work on there as long as you’re logged onto your Microsoft account and have Xbox live gold. Be sure to use hyphens (-) when inputting the code, and use all upper case just to be sure.


Man, I feel like that shouldn’t matter you being on pc. Idk if it does, I’m just saying I feel like they should count for pc players too. Since mcc is now on pc I feel like the codes should work for you guys too :confused: