Halo needs to go back to the classics.

I’ve been playing halo 5 recently, and through all the DLC that I’ve seen, I can say I’ve seen better. Same buildings in maps, same map structure, basically they would have the same flow. There is better yet to come, but I honestly feel the game needs to go back to halo 2 and 3 for map support. I’d personally love playing on an actual resized Guardian, pit, construct, sanctuary, etc. Not forged remakes of them. One thing that also needs to happen, is a Team Slayer BR playlist. Sure, big team has BRs for secondaries, but do you remember Halo 2, 3, and Reach MLG? I can’t play an objective based game type without getting smashed because I have to look for a BR that someone already grabbed, used, and died with.

All in all, I’m just saying, the games start out weapons are like playing reach with everyone passing on slayer DMRs. In team arena, those objective game types should have H2BR (or at least standard BR) and magnum start outs, maybe even BR AR starts. Who am I to speak though, I’ve only been playing halo since it came out on the 1st gen Xbox. With halo 2 and 3 MLG, I don’t remember there being ARs in game :stuck_out_tongue:

one more thing…

Spoiler Alert…
I seen online that a DLC pack is coming, “Memories of Reach”.
It features some classics for armour, but one question. If they could bring back old armour with almost the exact same look with reach, why wouldn’t they do it with classic mark 6 from halo 3? What would an actual halo 3 rendition of mark 6 look like on halo 5? Pretty dopee I bet, and yes, I knoow they have mark 6 gen1 and halo 4’s mark 6, but they look the same, only with the crotch plate. I’m talking about legit halo 3 mark 6, the actual halo 3 helmet that was brought back to reach.

I mean, what’s a better way to get people back into the game by bringing their old favourite maps and armour schemes back from the old halos? Construct would be fun to play on with next gen graphics and gameplay, even halo reach’s Boardwalk, zealot, countdown, etc. Fun, fun times.

I thought this was going to be an anti-sprint, -Yoink- 343 kind of thread from the title. I am pleasantly surprised, and I agree completely.

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> I thought this was going to be an anti-sprint, -Yoink- 343 kind of thread from the title. I am pleasantly surprised, and I agree completely.

I can’t hate on 343 for simply trying. The only thing that I could say that displeased me was the re-use of map structure and areas, as well as the lack of BR game types. I got use to the changes of gameplay with Sprint, and if I were ever bothered by Sprint that much, I’d just not sprint lol. It’s also a customizable feature in game types themselves, so there’s your old “Classic BR Slayer”. It’s a good game, a nice fun change.