Halo needs to evolve!! EVEN MORE COME ON 343 SHOW!

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All the nostalgfags r gunna get rekt. In da lore, I cna spriint, so itmust be in hola. Bungoo fanboys git rekt.
Wut’s dat?
Barvo, made post, he sed,

> hola 5, is bttre than hola 3!

Git rekt!
The rek system is fun, becuz i can spend monny and get lot’s of nornfangs, and it’s super duper fun. Git rekt.
Spatan chage, is cool becuz of animation, I can rek teamates. Hola 5 is balanced becuz of equal strats, not loik hola 4. Cumpaign is kewl becuz, we has knew karakter called lok and he’s bttr than chief. Hola 5 has the best MP since hola EC.
My favorie game is hola 5 and I’ve been plying sicne EC in 2010, twas fun but hola 5 is bttr. H
If u dunt like it, Go play sum hola 2A, it’s not brokcen, they hve fxed it. :stuck_out_tongue:
U wanna PLAY Sum brain-ded haylo? lol ADAPT to meh superior AR strategies fam!
343 is gr8 becuz they have made bttr hola’s.
Hola EAC was fun, HOLA CMC was fun 2, ppl say ts’s brocken but it’s fine truss me and hola 5 is the bust hola around!
I cant w8 4 hola 6.
Hola 5 DLC was gr8 too!
If we hat all gamemodes at lunch we wud get bored, git rekt bunige apalojuzts. DeeJ -Yoink!- suk my bullz.
Hola 5 has teh best FF becuz the AI are fun to challenge, ppl say they r bullet spongy but they isn’t, they r fin.
If u wunt bungooe, go play desinty, and go grind for some gengrams heu ehu.
Hola 5 has teh best theatre aslo, becuz we -Yoink!- watch filmz.
Get rekt bungians! See u on teh other side.
This message was brought to you by Microsoft word’s new born baby. Spell check and grammar check not included, see in store for details.

Hola 5 has the best servers too. I can git gamez without haven to search multiple timez. I am champon -2! I am buttr than you at hola, so my lochic is bttr than urs. I always machmayk with udder champons bellow 0, becuz I am MLJ, and I am laso HLJ. I hve won tournaments in Hola Champonship cereal. 1v1 me regret storm rifles on truth fagit.

Just moving on

My goodness, did you write this post by hitting your head on the keyboard for three minutes straight?

This hurts my eyes.