Halo needs to EMPHASZIES on its key elements

Hey all with all these new games coming out there are some key things Halo should emphasize on. Most of these new games don’t have solid campaigns (or ANY campaigns such as Titanfall). Halo has one of the deepest stories out there. Halo 4 was great, but I would really like a longer campaign to stand out vs other games with a way deeper story line. I’m loving Johns story of him finding who he really is but I felt like Halo 4 could have gone into more detail.

Pretty much all the games now have some load out or class based system. IMHO Halo does not need these gimmicks to succeed (maybe limited to choosing start weapon and smaller things)! IMO Halo does not need armor mods. 343 should boast in their next game “Yes we are a arena based game taking on the next Gen systems!” Be proud Halo is one of the last arena styled games!!

last and not least make the game feel next Gen. I just got done playing the Titanfall Alpha Beta and finished up Battlefield 4 (with exception of the maps on b4)these games do not truly feel like next Gen games! They can still be played on the 360! 343 should take advantage of being with Microsoft (which I hoped they did) and push the limits of the Xbox One’s power! No games have done that yet!

with that said and with 343 being very quite I feel as if they have something HUGE in store for us!! Cannot wait!


I agree 343 should be proud their game is an Arena shooter.

Sadly they’re trying to change that, however. We can only hope they look at the poor numbers of Halo 4 and realize that we want classic gameplay back.

I love what you said about embracing the arena shooter heritage. I played Marathon: Durandal last night and really came to appreciate Halo even more as a whole.
Rest assured with Halo being one of Microsoft’s most important assets, it WILL exceed anything we’ve currently seen thus far.

> Which elements specifically?
> Music, scope, humor and dynamic AI are all key elements to a Halo campaign, as far as I’m concerned. Unfortunately, we’ve lost 3 and arguably 4 of these already. 343i should focus on these elements. Length is a lost cause. Today MM is considered to be more important, for Microsoft at least.

Music and Story. I loved halo story, but it had some inconsistancies, aswell as an annoying character (commander palmer). Being a halo fan i am, the most important thing is the halo story. Heck i bought an xbox 360 last year only to get the story. Please develope a consistent story, and a personally favour: Dont downscale the forerunners, show them as they are in the books: gods. Covenant, Unsc, they cant touch real forerunner millitary. Please dont make a warshpinx(seeker)get destroyed by some scarab, it would be horrible, and knowing alot of halo story fans, it would only scare people away.