Halo 'n' dro

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This is a thread devoted to Halo smokers. Seeing as how recreational use has been approved in Colorado [my home state :wink: :wink: ;)] and spreading to other states (Alaska next) I’m asking people what their favorite playlists in each Halo to get a little blazed to.

My experience with Halo throughout college started with Reach. Basically every time I get a new game I get lit and its a really awesome and surreal experience. I loved rumble pit on sword base, using armor lock in lift room and getting cheap kills with sword/shotgun etc. Mainly because I was bad. Countdown seemed like an endlessly convoluted maze of lifts and hallways for the first 10 play throughs. And that was awesome too. I eventually put all my efforts into swat. The camping / specific hotspots for fighting made it fun and easy to understand. Asylum felt like a battle of epic proportions and could easily carry a team of randoms to consistent victory. Not to mention the cool Japanese-inspired style the ivory tower remake brought to the table.

Halo 4 came out when I was a senior in college. Lets just say it eased in my senioritis a little early. My favorite high playlist was CTF. I had much improved from my previous days. The strategy of flag assault was so much fun. I felt like I was solid snake sneaking past guards in the Shadow Moses incident. I’d grab the flag and all of a sudden I had sniper wolf trying to take my head off, gray fox charging at me with the sword, and host was psycho mantis and made me want to break the game. My best high halo 4 memory was calling in a beam rifle in TS on adrift with my best friends in the closest game I could remember. The score was 570-590. Our strategy consisted of holding down a hallway and using close quarters weapons. They had just spawned at the opposite hallway and didn’t expect a sniper as it wasn’t a drop on the map and it was late in the game. Two shot triple kill snipe ended the game in 1 second.

Anyway –

  1. is smoking & Halo a routine for you guys?
  2. what’s your favorite high halo playlist
  3. any good stories?

Im not sure that this thread belongs on Waypoint, but it sure is funny, lol. Anyways, sorry I don’t have to get high to have fun playing Halo.

Yeah man I don’t have to either