Halo Mythic / SLASO Invitation

2 years ago i had never heard of Mythic. i saw an H3 SLASO run by Pahis on HSH and was in awe. a search landed me at Tyrants Quest for SLASO group. the requirement for membership was simple. do any level of any Halo game SSLASO done with video proof. there was a list of Mythic conquerors for each game. H3, ODST, and Reach. being twice the age of your average gamer the ultimate challenge was before me. get on all lists. i have not looked back and continue to look forward.
surely there someone else in this great mythic nation that feels about this challenge the same way i felt. who will step forward and do what it takes to bring it not just sing it.
its a journey not without discomfort. hundreds of failed attempts, broken remotes, knots on my head, and damaged vocal cords were overshadowed by a feeling of accomplishment that has to be felt to be understood.
5 games later i write this invitation to that someone out there who will do what you think is impossible.
step up and dont give up. see you on this side.
Mythic Grand Master