Halo Mythic RPG (Edited for Compliance.)

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For those that forgot or do not know, Halo Mythic is a DnD style RPG that uses the mechanics of DnD and adapts them to a more modern and much more complex version. The game is updating again after going into a hiatus for some time. In fact, the last update was roughly a year ago and the last time this thing was mentioned on here was over 4 years ago. But the game is undergoing several updates again and it already looks like it is going to be so much easier and fun to play for anybody that likes DnD. Halo Mythic is an Unofficial Fan-Made Tabletop RPG. It uses the 100DOS system with 2 D10 Dice and 1 D5 Dice.

Link to the original Halo Mythic Post here on Halo Waypoint: (it is locked)

Is it free?

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> Is it free?

The current release is free. Yes. I believe it is v 2.5 or v3.0.