Halo Multiplayer Problems, Once Fixed.....Could Help Tremendously!

“Some” of my problems with the Halo multiplayer are:

1- There is no progression/rank outside of the battle pass . (SPARTAN RANK) There absolutely needs to be one, something to work towards and keep you engaged in still playing. Not everyone is going to want to buy the battle pass.

2- Some helmets/visors/armor/etc are locked to certain armor cores …that sucks, why? Why cant we mix and match?!

3- Maps & Modes - I think my friends and I got oddball 5 times in a row, 5 TIMES IN A ROW (three of which were on the same map) in ranked arena. We need more maps and more modes (I know they are eventually coming, but still)

4- Where is the playlist for more than solo/duo for controller only? If I have a team of 3 or 4 of us playing on Xbox…why cant we still be in a controller only playlist?

5- And of course… the battle pass progression …its just…unbearable. I get that some changes have already been made…but maybe more XP for a win vs a loss would be nice. It kinda sucks to play so well and WIN and be awarded the same XP as someone on the other team, that was afk for most of the match.


I agree with this epic absolutely astonishing gamer.

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my man!!! @The_Bug_Boi_12

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There are a few answers to your questions that will make you feel better in this article. It won’t let me link, so add the https stuff at the beginning and remove the space after the dot.

eurogamer. net/articles/2021-11-19-halo-infinite-the-big-interview-with-343-head-of-creative-joseph-staten

  1. Spartan ranks are in the works. They were hoping for launch, but forge and co-op could slow them down.
  2. Selective playlists will be available at launch.
  3. Battle pass progression is a “small rock” move and 343 should have that fixed shortly.
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Yeah that’s good to know! Just hope these changes don’t get pushed out too far, like co-op and forge. Some of these, I HOPE, come out sooner rather than later. Great article btw @SEMO_Chroe !

I agree with all except #4. Controller with AA in this game is objectively better than M&K. So if you’re losing to M&K, you’ll know you’re truly worse than that player.

I feel that. I just like knowing everyone is on the same level playing field, when it comes to ranked gameplay.

Don’t forget the radar, player collision, no red reticle for PC (despite there being cheaters anyway) friendly fire, and strafe acceleration!!

Yeah I have seen player collision being a top request!

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