Halo MP Feedback

Feedback from the beta test.
Audio: The mayor issue on the game, the audio is basically an outsider to the game, non surporting and zero immersive. Bungie knew how to deliver impactful audio, that gave a feedback to the player; this game doesn’t even have a hit market, the guns sounds weak and the overall audio experience is lame.
Matchmaking: The player balance on the teams is non existent, I could be 2 K/d on my game and my whole team be bellow 0.5 k/d
Progression: The xp gain from match to match is almost non existent. 50exp per game is incredibly low, you have to play 20 matches to level up. when on games like COD you will tier up on 2-4 matches. The challenges remain too much time,; the weekly should be daily, and the daily should be a permanent progress (play a game you earn 100xp) Weekly should be like eliminate 50 players, etc. Stuff that takes you a week to do.
Gameplay: Spartan shield, the spartan shield is way harder than before, it throws off the game off the halo standard, reducing it 15-25% should do the trick. The game feels incredibly slow rn.
Event XP: So we have event challenges but you have to do normal challenges to unlock the event ones. For ppl that do no have the time of rat kids is impossible to achieve. Why don’t you have separate columns of challenges?
It feels like you want to make the progression of the pass as slow and complex there is!
Just learns from other games and apply it.