Halo movie?

Will this ever happen? 343 and Microsoft will make tons of money they ever did in the games. The fan base larger and depth of Cannon story, come on now!

I agree, it would be a good idea if done correctly. Here was plans for this some years ago, but they decided not to. Also, movies is a bad way to present in depth lore about the Halo Universe, because of the time-limit. The books already serve to do this in an excelent way.

It would be good…as long it is better than Nightfall.

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> Will this ever happen? 343 and Microsoft will make tons of money they ever did in the games. The fan base larger and depth of Cannon story, come on now!

Tons of money? I highly doubt it. Let’s just do a little research. Now this is rough guessimates and numbers people. So let’s see how many Halo fans there are. Now Halo 5 had the largest franchise opening weekend in the Halo series selling over $400 million copies. Now for a base line fan base let’s just say people bought the regular copy, No special or limited editions so that cost $60. So that will be 6666666, so to make things simple let’s round it too 6750000 or 6.75 million fans, again this doesn’t account for all those people that waited for the game later to buy or households that have more then 1 halo fan in it but again rough guessimate.

So if movie tickets cost $10 dollars so your looking at between $60-80 million in box office ticket sales. Now the short answer is the rule off thumb is that you need to make double the production cost budget for the movie to be a success so the budget if the money has to be $30 million dollars.

Now what type of movie are you looking for? Live Action or CGI? If your thinking something on the lines of CGI like Final Fantasy or Beowulf then the budget for those respective games was 137 million and 150 million dollars. Now let’s focus on Final Fantasy. Final Fantasy the movie and Final Fantasy X (one of the most popular Ganges in the series) both came out the same year and v the game sold account 6.6 million copies globally about Halo 5 opening weekend. But the movie made only 32 million in theatres, that’s a 100 million dollar lost.

But you might clamor that Halo is a better franchise and better story telling then the Final Fantasy franchise. Ok let’s look at the trend for movies based on games.

Movies based on game’s ticket sales.

One movie topped over $100 million and 6 out if 35 had more then $60 million. So based on this trend a fully done CGI movie is out of the question. So a Live Action movie it is. Now do we get a well known actor like Assassins Creed did with Michael Fassbender which your going to have to pay a lot of money our do you get B-C stars to cut costs. What kind of story do you want to see? More of theI nsurrection side with it touching on the Covenant at the very end to set up maybe a sequel or do you want to see the full blown conflict with the Covenant but remember your going to have to CGI the Covenant, theirs ships, their weapon blast etc. which will increase production costs and decreases the end margin the movie makes. There are ways to make the Covenant seen to be there like they did in Forward Unto Dawn that made some scenes where they showed glimpses or part of them or other tricks to show the Covenant by making the scene dark making the Covenant look good but if you look at Nightfall the CGI they had didn’t look so will in the day and the Elite looked fake and not natural. Most fans probably want something like you saw in the cutscenes of the games which if you bring in the best CGI people it will cost more.

So a movie would be a high risk due to the high CGI costs to make the movie look good, needing a name brand actor/actress attach to it, and low performances of game base movies based on the trend.

There best bet is to make a tv series similar to Fallen Skies cgi/graphics of th aliens but have the focal point around 2517-2527, with the training of the Spartans and the Insurrection with Covenant near the end or after 2552 after with the Insurrection returning and dealing with some Covenant remnants storylines here and there. The latter has more stories to explore like rebuilding, terrorists, politics etc.

In summation, a movie is a bad idea and it won’t satisfy the fans of what they expect and it will most likely add a Red entry in Microsoft 's books for the franchise. Focus on a tv series, Fallen Skies had 3 or so seasons, so that’s something.

A movie would be great, but sadly as DH1762 pointed out above, movies are very risky endeavors. And video game movie adaptations are notoriously risky. There was a problem noted many years ago that a Halo movie with the Chief would be extra difficult due to the fact that he doesn’t say much, which would not only make it more difficult for audience members to relate or get attached to him, but would necessitate a VERY strong supporting cast to help carry the movie. With 6 million gamers potentially seeing the movie, relating to the Chief wouldn’t be a problem, but for the movie to have a chance at being successful, they would have to market it to the millions of people that may not know about the Chief or Halo story, and getting people to connect to a silent main character would be very difficult.

Aside from that, many action flicks today depend on overseas (non-US) success. Unfortunately, since many language and cultural barriers exist, that means that content and writing are scaled back in lieu of endless (and brainless) action scenes…which in turn usually leads to a fair opening weekend with a dramatic drop-off. Just think of how poorly the most recent Transformer movies have been received; but they’ve been technically successful because of the overseas box office. Don’t get me wrong, action sequences are awesome…but when it’s one action sequence after another with no plot (or a terribly flimsy plot), it gets boring fast and carries no rewatchability.

I would love to see a Halo movie…but it would need to stay with a solid story…and unfortunately that means that the box office success would most likely suffer. I doubt Microsoft would want to see the Halo image tainted because of a poor box office showing. And I would similarly hate to see a Halo movie get made and have its story gutted.

So you ultimately either end up with a movie that pleases Halo fans but probably tanks, or have a movie that has no content and disappoints many fans, but is financially successful. It sucks, but I think that’s the reality of the situation.

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> and getting people to connect to a silent main character would be very difficult.

Don’t forget faceless character. Why do you think so many superhero movies have their characters out of mask? Because they need to market their main actor/actress so people will come to watch the movie. And they won’t show Master Chief’s adult face in the movie which would ruin the lore and mystery for Halo fans of what John-117 looks like

I think it’s a good time for a movie

A movie about the UEG and its problems with the Insurrectionist would be great.

I agree with alot of what was mentioned above. I think if they were to do a movie, it would have to be in the universe but not focusing on MC. (because he is faceless) The other thing I feel like they would need to do is work to make it appeal to the masses. Now we all know for a “real” Halo fan to buy in and enjoy, they need to be very careful with making it appeal to the general public. So at the end of the day, what does all that mean? It means it is a very risky operation, but I don’t think it is quite as black and white as just because other game movies haven’t been successful, Halo won’t be. Well Microsoft has the cash to buy the talent and production value. Maybe just maybe it would work.

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