Halo Movie Status...

Ok, now i know that thier have been a lot of posts regarding the Halo Movie.

Now i just want to write down what i know so far and have yall correct me or update me if what i put is wrong/old.

*Ok so the most recent news i have heard of is that Steven Spielberg is making the Halo movie.

*The movie will be based off Halo:Fall of Reach book completley, following Jon 117 and the rest of Red team from when they were abducted at age 6, through training, and fighting the covenant.

*It will be released in June/July 2012

Please correct/update me if possible

I’m pretty sure no one is making it, way too much money and no one really wants to.

I heard someone was but then pulled out.

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Taken from Wikipedia article: Halo (series)

At one point, filmmaker Steven Spielberg had expressed interest in being involved in the making of a film adaptation of Halo.

It is currently in Standby last I heard… at this point I think it would be better if Microsoft just funded the entire thing, or if 343 Made it within a Game Engine as a 2 hour long cutscene-Then filesave as .avi/.mov. :stuck_out_tongue:

True about the money


Steven speilberg officially said that he had ALOT of Interest in a halo movie, especcialy a script written by i forgot who following Halo:Fall of Reach book and he loved it!

PLUS Frankie said a halo movie WILL HAPPEN

All I heard is that yea hes making it. Technically there is a Halo movie already, Bollywood made a Halo Musical. :smiley: