Halo- More than a Fps shooter

I was just thinking about Halo, what it meant and what it still does mean for some of us at least. I allways felt like Halo touched me because it was so much more, i connected on a deeper emotional level with it.

What was rather confusing was the misunderstanding of its idendity, of its lore, of its larger than life appeal. I would love if Halo Could get seperated and not directly compete, for what can be greater than the original, an original will loose on its strife to macth the youngster, or lets say the cooler. I have seen lots of great artist trying to reinvent themeselves, sometimes they succeed, most often not. The problem lies in them trying to be different, act more young appeal to a younger audience, almost by motto and loose the grasp of what made them so succesfull and likeable, because they fight a lost battle, that isnt worth fighting for. You just need talent, passion, creativitty and a little Luck…

What i am trying to say is, For me, Halo felt like the future of human kind, and just like how i felt empathy when i saw Titanic Crashing and thousands getting killed, how i felt when the world was going under, the sense of fear, but also what really made us strong, our love and respect for each other.

I am excited to see what will become of the Halo tv series, that maybe could become the saviour, with the most well crafted, innovative, sotrytelling, characters and world One have witnessed with Guardians. Uniting things and not seperating them would be great, seeing Halo as a brand, a truth, and a exceptional lore rather than sci fi fps, trying to reinvent by being a youngster.

343 is a great, It must be so hard working with such a beloved franchise, with a big franchise, but 343 you are not the caretakers of halo. You are not something that MS made, so they could make more money, You are not a dev only capable of doing a decent shooter, by being modern, so it makes revenue, which it should. You have families, kid, bills etc. You should not consider Halo as a buisness, and just make an okay game, by taking some cool elements from here and there and keep it Modern. Maybe i am the only one, but i think you should take resbonsibilty and show, why you chose to work on halo, was it really passion, or the money. Only time will tell, if rather than being a money maker, the Soul of Halo will carry on, Halo should be more than its shell, Halo is life, Halo is love :slight_smile:

PS: This could only be achieved by amazing campaing and multiplayer, equaully outstanding! IMO :slight_smile:

I think many of us agree with you. With the last paragraph especially, where you mention that what means Halo to 343i, passion or money? All we can do is hope that the previous.

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> I think many of us agree with you. With the last paragraph especially, where you mention that what means Halo to 343i, passion or money? All we can do is hope that the previous.

Fingers crossed! :slight_smile:

Are we forgetting that these people who work at 343i are literally dedicating their lives to Halo? If all the novels, terminals, teaser trailers, the stories of spartan ops and monthly comic book tie ins, and the fact that they have a story planned out for the next few years doesn’t prove to you they arent passionate about what they do, then god help you. Everyone hates Halo 4. Except the critics, and a lot of the Halo players, and a lot of casuals, so really just the elitist fans. If our community was as passionate about Halo as you hoped 343 was, then maybe we would support a game (Halo 5) before throwing it under the bus (after a completely new multiplayer beta experience no less, which featured a style of multiplayer very new to Halo, which is exactly why it was beta’d)

I think Halo 4 wasn’t bad, I like it,(mostly the story) the only thing I miss is the theather mod for the campaign. Although some armor was a bit strange.

I dont know if that was directed to me or people critizising halo 5? The other stuff you mention is really cool, but i personally dont find that accesible as i dont live in the us, and it can be forgotten. I enjoyed Halo 5, the game felt mostly tight, and well thought. The only part i would point out, would be whether all the spartan abilities were actuallly integrated well as of now. And with this i mean abilities like ground pound, and spartan charge. They seemed fun to use, but they felt very poorly integrated, and made the vision for 5 seem sloppy IMO. Everything else felt right at point, Sprinting away from death, with a qonsequence, thrusting away to cover, clambering to high points, gaining advantage over the other players, smart scope, shooting targets at a distance etc. But GP and Spartan Charge was like there so some people could use it, it didnt do anything for the game, maybe when the game comes out, they will fix this, maybe not.