Halo Monitor “Prop” for XBox Avatar Missing


On XBox 360 I originally earned as a reward from the Halo Waypoint app* the Halo Forerunner Monitor that floated around my XBox avatar’s head.
Is there a way I can get that back on XBox One please? That reward I earned is missing and I can’t find it anywhere. It’s not in XBox Avatar Props nor is it in my XBox Avatar rewards nor can I find it in the Avatar store.

You can see what I’m looking for at 5:05 in this video.

Here’s a screenshot of the Halo Waypoint Monitor I had previously earned.


Thank you.

*note, Halo Waypoint in this post refers to the original Halo Waypoint App on 360, not this website halowaypoint.com

you need to install the Xbox original avatars app. Go to your profile > edit avatar and choose Xbox Original Avatar. Then switch to your 360 avatar and select Props menu. All your 360 items should be there.

thanks. i take it these old 360 props can’t be integrated with new xbox one avatars? (a shame)

No problem! Sadly, 360 items cannot be used on new avatars (I miss the Monitor prop too).