Hello Halo canonites! Many have questioned why Lasky decided to flee at the end of Halo 5 Guardians rather than stay and fight, and while some have provided justifiable claims for both arguments, I have decided to go ahead and write a mini theory to explain Lasky’s reasoning behind his action. Remember, this is not canon, only a theory that fits within the canon to explain a questionable and mysterious event. If you are wondering when this particular event takes place (i.e. when the message was read by Lasky), it occurs on October 26, 2558 in between the missions “Evacuation” and “Reunion.” Enjoy!


PLNB Priority Transmission XX058B-XX
Encryption Code: GAMMA
Public Key: N/A
From: Admiral Serin Osman, CINCONI, HIGHCOM Facility Bravo-6 (SN: 39489-72738-SO)
To: Captain Thomas J. Lasky, Senior Officer of the UNSC Navy (SN: 98604-72690-TL)
Subject: Critical possibility of security breach of the UNSC Infinity from Cortana’s forces.

/file extraction-reconstitution complete/
/start file/

Thomas, I’m not going to lie to you, but I’ll make this brief. With the new Intel gathered from Fireteam Osiris’ mission to Meridian, our suspicions have been confirmed about the Guardian’s origins and the unfortunate events they have caused, including the five more events recorded earlier yesterday and earlier today. Cortana has somehow been re-activated as you are well aware and now possibly presents a significant threat to all of Humanity with the amount of power under her control. And the actions of the “Warden Eternal” or whatever it is, and Former Smart AI Governor Sloan proves she has enormous persuasive mannerisms over Artificial Intelligence, whether they be Human or Forerunner in origin. This places Roland in a predictable position provided Cortana has the chance to directly contact him. As a precaution for the safety of the UNSC’s most valuable asset, I am ordering you to withdraw the UNSC Infinity from combat immediately in any circumstance if Cortana or her Guardians present a significant threat to its security or Roland until otherwise noted. Unless absolutely necessary, opposition is strictly unauthorized. Infinity needs to be at full fighting capacity when the time comes. I understand the consequences and grievances that might procure, but as far as I and the rest of Section Three can tell, these Guardians may end up being the most significant threat Humanity, or anyone else, have ever faced on a grand scale.

/end file/
/scramble-destruction process enabled/

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