Halo MidShip from rtx

I was watching the Rtx halo:MCC and when went to multiplayer playlist or something like that I pause the video and and it shows mid ship but in a newer and update version http://s16.postimg.org/vgru5wy01/MSCIHMCC.jpg
I might not be sure but it shows the Halo 2 symbol
this is the map i think from halo 2 and they do not look a like so could this be the h2:A map

I think the normal Halo 2 will have some improvements like lighting and such (possibly). Textures will be a bit better too I hope.

The bottom doesn’t look like halo 2’s graphics… it looks like it was made into another game…

Op the second picture is a picture of a Midship replica for Halo custom edition. That isn’t Halo 2. The first picture looks like normal h2 midship to me though.

It’s the classic Midship. The map would be called Midship Anniversary if it was the anniversary remake.

It just looks like the classic Halo 2 Midship. The old pic looks like a early midship.

The bottom is not from Halo 2, it’s most likely a remake in Halo CE for PC or some other PC game.

Anyway the “Anniversary Remake” maps don’t have a 2 inside them, they have “2A”. That is precisely what Midship originally looked like.

Also I kind of hope they don’t remake it because they already have Midship AND Heretic in the game, If they remade any Covie map it aught to be Gemini (much as I hate it, and love Midship)

To bad for you they’re remaking the 6 most nostalgic maps in Halo 2, so other remakes are not a factor.