Halo: MIA?

I’m sure I was just as excited as you all when getting this game and just as disappointed when I began to play it. That real Halo feel that we all grew to love is no where to be found. Instead of a fair match, where each team had to play as a team and had the exact same as what the other team had weapon spawns making the better team deserve to win now we have practically every teammate for themselves: camping out getting their ordnance drops, camping their flag rather than attempt to get the flag, and plenty more.

Loadouts?? What is this about? I forgot we became COD, it practically is considering weapons rarely spawn anymore and disappear in seconds when someone dies with them. You cant pick up grenades or amo often and random weapon spawns and ordnance drops (care packages). Even getting some weapons to start with, the Boltshot which is practically a shot gun is just outrageous to have a starting secondary weapon.

The maps… I can say I only am a fan of a few of them. The rest are god awful. We no longer get the chance to veto a map and get a new round of votes. Big team maps consist of the same 3 basically every time. Another thing, with ordnance drops it creates a whole new element, campers, not as bad as COD but it is there.

$4$ Industris focused way to much on armor for the players, creating basically the same ones again and again. Also with so many there are so many wasted, garbage armor.

The ranking system also sabotages the team aspect of the game. Halo 3 had it right: “you win, you rank up. You want to get higher skill in rank, play lone wolves.” Now everyone plays with greed, with stealing assassinations rather than kill the player whose killing the assassinator. Again, campers sit around and wait to get ordnance drops to get better weapons while hiding in a base or with active camo.

Dont get me wrong, I enjoyed the campaign and Legendary alone was a challenged I enjoyed competing in. Spartan Ops is below firefight, only due to the lack of imaginability and its recycled maps over and over and over again.

I can go on but I’m not as knowledgable of the game and variants as most of you, I’m just tossing in my .02. I hope this message gets across the way I intend to the forums. The game is headed out the window, with the numbers of active players on the decline after record breaking sales. I am not a COD player but next time maybe I’ll be buying that rather than Halo if it is this way again, (and I’ve gone through the Halo’s; 1,2,3,ODST, Reach, CE, now 4). Its Halo in a COD world, and many of us just aren’t about that.

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