Halo Memories

Halo Memories

I created this topic to be a place for members to share their favorite moments in Halo, playing Halo, making friends through Halo, and loving Halo for the last 10 Years. I hope this thread will grow with the many stories of the fans of the series and pay homage to all of the fun it has given us.

Wow 10 years of Halo…I was 9 years old. Thats CRAZY!! It really feels like it was just a week ago I was sitting at my brother’s friends house watching them all jam out on Blood Gulch Slayer. I was fighting for a turn and of course they ignored me being the youngest one in the group. Finally for a lunch break they hand be the controller and leave. The game was on the Main Menu for the first time I was in the room and the iconic Halo Monk Chant was going. I sat their for a good 10 minutes with goosebumps on my arm staring blankly at the screen and listening to that Epic tune. My brother walks back in and thinks I’m crazy of course. We play for a good 3 hours… I sucked but hey it was still fun to lose as long as it was Halo.

A few years later Halo PC Demo comes out and I of course abuse the hell out of it. I play it at home, at the library, and even in middle school when the teacher isn’t looking. (I did not get an xbox till 2011 yeah I know…)

Then I find out my cousin has a copy of the retail game for PC (parents wouldn’t let me buy it cause it was M… I even went so far as to photoshop a rated T on the cover no dice)I start playing the campaign don’t stop for 6 hours! I was in gaming paradise.

Fast forward a few years. I am owning at Halo PC MP (never returned the game…lol) Then I hear about this title called Halo 2. I was amped up !!! I couldn’t wait I say every single ad, watched all of the coverage online, talked about it endlessly with friends at school. Then the terrible news came to me a week before launch…NO PC Version!!!

Needless to say I was pissed. I spew all sorts of 13 yr old cusses. That summer I would not leave my friends with an xbox alone. I kept visiting them playing it at their house day in and day out. WE had an awesome time on xbox live and system link. We’d be up till 3 -4 am just bashing it out. Heck even New Years eve I didn’t even care I was playing it still.

Still had hope I’d get a pc version to play out the campaign, no dice. Finally in 2006 it was announced we’d be getting Halo 2 Vista. I was ecstatic and ran out to pick up a 360 controller and a copy of the game. 2 days later my Halo 2 fix was over. and then of course we have a repeat o the same events with Halo 3. But a PC version never came…atleast not yet anyways.

By this time I was in high school and I am sorry to say,but I think psychologically I made friends with someone just because they had a 360, Halo 3, and were willing to let me come over and play it. I am happy to say he is now one of my best friends and love gaming with him. Still watched all of the coverage watched tons of gameplay and even ruined the ending of Halo 3 on youtube because I couldn’t resist. One of my dreams came true though in my Senior Year. Steve Downes (voice of Master Chief himself) came to our school for a visit and to talk about his work. I loved hearing about the history of his Halo experience. At the end I asked him to sign my copy of Halo 2 Vista, and handed him a marker to sign it with. A huge queue lined up behind me and I had to wait until he was done signing everyone elses to get my marker back, but as a thank you he signed two Halo pictures for me and my brother which now hang in my room.

End of senior year I still hadn’t completed the Halo 3 campaign until this past summer. My luck game through when HP and a bunch of other companies gave away 360s with new computers. Luckily me only request for a graduation gift was an epic computer which scored me a 360.

Fast forward 5 days. I purchased the Legendary Edition of Halo Reach, Halo 3 LE Sealed was in the mail, and I was scoping out places to get a cheap copy of ODST, a first edition of Halo 1 for xbox, and a copy of Halo 2 LE.

Halo 3 arrives I beat it in under 2 days and I was a ind of high that I can only assume is as close as I will ever get to getting it from somewhere else.

Halo CE will always be my favorite and I love all the fun I’ve had playing it in the past. Heck I still play it from time to time on my PC. I’ve had my bad times with the series. ANGER boiling over with the lack of PC versions. Missing out on getting a grunt plushie 4 times!! But I can honesty say I would have probably stopped gaming a long time ago if it wasn’t for Halo. Through Halo I’ve made some of my best friends, I’ve been able to de-stress my destroying people in multiplayer, and I’ve loved every single story they pumped out. The music is still one of my favorite soundtracks on my ipod that I listen to everyday and I can’t wait to see what new stuff they come out with soon. I want to Thank every single person at Bungie past and present for giving me thousands of hours of entertainment, euphoria, and great friends I’ve made over the years. I want to thank 343 Industries for taking on the task of giving us all new Halo came to play in the present and future. And finally I want to thank each and every member of the Halo community who has made gaming with all of your guys one of the best experiences of my entire life. Thank You.

I bought an Xbox and Halo on launch day along with 4 other games. I hadn’t heard much about Halo being that I was not a computer gamer and didn’t really follow games any closer than an occasional magazine article and the back of the box. In short, I was more excited to play NFL Fever, Oddworld (Good Game), Azurik (Not), Project Gotham… A couple of decent games but nothing could compare to Halo.
My brother 6 at the time, and I beat the entire campaign together. It consisted primarily of him running away from contact and me “finishing the fight” he left behind. Over the course of the next 10 years my brother and I have always played Halo. Now that he is 16 and I am 25, the tables have turned a bit…as evidenced by this morning running through CEA together, and me dying more than him. But that memory of introducing him to my videogame hobby will be one that I cherish.
Since those carefree earlier days, life has happened and I got married, had a little girl, and joined the rest of the adult populous in working for a living. Halo has been there with me. My wife and I have beat every Halo game released, and someday…certainly not the age of six…haha I would imagine my daughter will be along for the ride. The past ten years have been great. I am confident the next ten will be equally so.